Everight Healthcare Foundation is a non-profit charity organization founded in 2017. We help and will keep helping Nigerians obtain equal access to the best healthcare. Our statement that we simply love humanity is driven by our firm belief that good healthcare is meant for all irrespective of social class, poverty level or any other factor that seems to classify or separate us as humans.
We love to preserve lives, to see every human in good health, to recreate the joy that good and formidable healthcare provides to families and together with your support tackle diseases that have set themselves against the human race.

To build a world where everyone has equal opportunity to the best healthcare
To promote health awareness and mobilize resources for medical treatment of the needy
Our Trustees, who ensure that funds received are judiciously and purposefully used for their intent and purposes. While we do give priority to women, children, orphans, the sick, poor and disabled in our community development, we implement our projects with no racial, religious or gender bias in addition to being an equal opportunity employer.

Our programme development team implements policies in line with the vision and mission of the Foundation.