Staying Healthy Programme

The Staying Healthy Programme is an online program organized by Everight Healthcare Foundation to educate the public on how to live in good health, maintain Good health, eat healthy food portions, and maintain a proper weight. Staying healthy program is aimed at building a Healthy Nigeria. 

  • Common endemic diseases and simple ways of preventing , controlling and treating  them .
  • Cardio vascular Diseases and Chronic Diseases
  • Simple Hygiene and sanitation Habits
  • Proper Foods and Nutrition/ Dieting
  • Exercising
  • Communicable and non- communicable  Diseases
  • Simple  Emergency First Responder actions/ first Aid
  • Life Style Management
  • Total care of the body / Daily Routine
  • Emerging  Chronic Diseases / risk factors  / Prevention
  • Seasonal meals / fruits  & their  health importance