The Bill Adoption Programme

The bill adoption programme is in three (3) parts: 

Medical Investigation Adoption Project 

Through our sister organization, the Everight Laboratory and Centre for Molecular and Genetic Studies we offer free testing for patients who have been hospitalized and have challenges procuring testing in anticipation for work up or surgical/ medical treatment procedures. We adopt the cost of their testing bills and make access to treatment and care more affordable. 

Hospital Bill Annulment  

This project supports people who cannot afford to pay their hospital bills or have been denied treatment for that reason. This project prioritizes support for indigenes. 

Adopt a Beneficiary Programme 

Low income earners whose medical bills are less than N10,000 and cannot afford to pay and are currently trapped in hospitals due to their inability to pay hospital bill, with subsequent prolonged hospital stay after being  discharged. A few cases are currently awaiting help on this list.