In Nigeria, cancer leads to over 70,000 deaths per annum (28, 414 for male and 41, 913 for female). The estimated incidence for the top five commonest types of cancer are: breast cancer (25.7%), cervical cancer (14.6%), prostate (12.8%), non-Hodgkin lymphoma (5.3%) and liver cancers (5.0). While estimated mortality rates are: breast cancer is (18.6%), cervical cancer(16.8%), prostate (9.4%), liver (8.3%), and non-Hodgkin lymphoma (6.0%). Breast cancer is now the leading cause of cancer deaths in Nigeria, with cervical cancer being the second and prostate cancer third. The foundation aims at providing 

  • Free mammogram for women and free prostrate –specific Antigen (PSA) tests for men in the fight against prostate cancer.
  • We provide financial and technical support to hospitals and patients, set up effective referral systems, establish minimum standard of care and develop patient support services.
  •  Raise public awareness about cancer. We want to work with local government, national hospitals and cancer organization to fight against this deadly disease.
  •  We want to help or assist in training healthcare providers who are handling cancer patients.