The Trauma Programme (Trauma Care and First Responder Training)

Trauma is a global public health problem. It is the 9th leading cause of death globally with over 3,200 deaths recorded daily. Research has shown that the outcomes of accidents and emergencies are better when there is a skilled first responder at the site of the incident. Appropriate pre-hospital care provided by trained bystanders and the early arrival of emergency medical personnel helps to improve the outcomes of traumatic injuries significantly. Through the foundation: We organize community based programs which help to increase local awareness on appropriate emergency response

and providing first aid kits to families and teaching on first responder. Organize Campaign for Improved Trauma and Emergency Response by  educating "organized local communities" - Teachers, corporate organization staff, students of higher institutions, the youth, major road users, and members of the Road Safety Commission on effective responses to emergencies, especially those resulting from home and road traffic accidents. 

  • To provide timely funding for emergency medical care